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The Lelma Law Firm was founded upon on a deep rooted interest in effectively representing clients with immigration law problems, while maintaining integrity and upholding the law. Joan Lelma, principal, offers clients top-quality legal advice and solutions. With a combined total of nineteen years experience in representing clients in Jamaica, West Indies, and the United States of America, Ms. Lelma has decided to focus her practice in the area of Immigration and Nationality Law. We have represented clients in many areas of immigration law, which includes: alien relative petitions, fiance petitions, consular processing for immigrant, and non-immigrant visas, employment authorization, advance parol/permission to travel, VAWA petition, application for citizenship through naturalization, asylum hearing, and interview to register permanent residence. Ms. Lelma volunteers at various Immigration Clinics throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area; and has also hosted a Clinic along with Legacy Immigration of Maryland.




It gives us great joy to see family members reunited, and are better able to live comfortably, knowing that they have attained the desired immigration statuses. Additionally, we are comforted when many fleeing persecution in their home countries are allowed to immigrate to the United States, and live in a safe environment. Ms. Lelma is a staunch advocate of human rights not being infringed upon. That being said, there are many areas of immigration law that touch on human rights issues. As such, we are always eager to represent our clients zealously. In so doing, we provide a welcoming atmosphere, where clients are treated with respect, and are accorded the requisite time in order to elicit necessary information (proper consultation). Thereby advising clients on the best course of action within the ambit of the law. We do not steer clients on paths that will not solve their problems, and also incur unnecessary fees. Where the law does not afford clients their desired solutions, we advise them accordingly. Being readily accessible to our clients is paramount to us. We stand on truth, show respect, mindful of all circumstances and unique situations, and represent with zeal.



Do not struggle with your immigration problems, instead seek well sought-after legal representation. We welcome you to the Lelma Law Firm, LLC.  


Please be aware that the content of this website is meant only to acquaint you with general information about immigration law. This information is not legal advice, and is not a substitute for consultation with an attorney. Additionally, while our office is located in Maryland, Joan Lelma is not a member of the Maryland Bar, but is admitted to the Jamaica, New York State and District of Columbia Bars. Practice in Maryland is limited to immigration and nationality law. 

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